Home Staging Consultations
Kathy Woodard offers home staging consultations in the Tri Cities, Washington area. Consultations provide you with a custom detailed written guide to home staging your house for sale, which allows you to save money by doing the actual work and staging yourself. View Kathy's qualifications here.

Home Staging is critical in today's competitive market.

The average first price reduction when selling a home is over $5000. Investing a small amount in home staging now can prevent that financial loss from ever happening!

How you decorate a home to live, and how you stage a home to sell are two entirely different things!

Less than 10% of homeowners can effectively separate the two.

Getting a professional consultation can sell your home faster, for more money and with less stress.

The National Association of Realtors reports that, on average, a staged home sells more than twice as quickly as a non-staged home (13.9 days vs. 31 days.) In addition, staged homes sell for 6.9%-10% more than their non-staged counterparts.

Full service home staging generally costs up to 1% of the sale price of the home, so using a consultant and doing the work yourself really saves money! As a consultant, I don't rent furniture or accessories, so you never have to worry about a hard sell during your staging home visit. See our statistics on how much money home staging can save you here...

The consult includes a personal visit to your home, complete staging instructions and recommendations for each room of your home delivered within 5 business days, and a curb appeal makeover recommendation.

The Budget Decorator's Home Staging consulting fees are as follows:

Summer 2013 Special:

  • Smaller Home Consultation, up to 1000 square feet- was $149.00 Special $99

  • Full home consultation, 1000 to 2500 square foot home- was $199.00 Special $149

  • Larger home consultation, from 2500 to 4000 square feet- was $249.00 Special $199

  • Mini Consult:
Includes just the entry and main living area- $69.00

  • Curb Appeal Consult:
Creating curb appeal for the do-it-yourselfer- $49.00

Please contact Kathy by phone at 509-554-4492 or by email at kw.publishing@gmail.com to schedule an appointment or to have any questions answered.

Realtor inquiries welcome. Note to realtors: I offer consultations so that owners can stage their homes with their own items, or can add items inexpensively... I do not have an inventory for full service staging at this time. I show the client of the benefits of home staging, and the smaller investment in a consultant can be easier for clients on a budget than a full service staging.

I accept cash or checks at the time of service, or online credit card billing can be arranged in advance with a valid email address.

Services provided by author and home decorating expert Kathy Woodard.

NOTE: Home Staging is not a guarantee of sale, or any specific sale amount. While the statistics show that staging your home can dramatically speed the sale and increase the selling price of your home, neither Ms. Woodard nor any designer can guarantee any specific results due to variations in each market situation, and in each home and homeowner.

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